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Custom TV cabinet lights up the living room

Custom TV cabinet lights up the living room

Custom TV cabinet lights up the living room

The first requirement a house owner proposes to a designer would be that the living room should never be in a mess. Because the living room is in the center of a home where family members have fun, relatives and friends visit and chat, the elders watch TV, and kids play everyday. Many life scenes show here.


The family common stuff will be gathered in the living room like a whirl. A new house will be likely to be in a mess that each member’s stuff will be hardly identified and get together to be a pile of litter. Therefore, the secret of beatify and enlarge the living room is to purchase small-sized movable furniture and extend the fixed furniture for storage. Nowadays, custom storage TV cabinet has become the choice of many house owners.

The whole wall for storage

Cover the whole side of wall with a big TV cabinet, you will find its storage function is as good as a wardrobe. It’s enough to set such a TV cabinet in the living room for storage.

Each stuff in its place, displayed or hidden for beauty

A home is for living, which is absolutely different from the prototype room. Stuff need storing are various in the living room, including daily necessities without any beauty and exquisite decorations for showing the life taste. It’s important to balance the exposure of these two kinds of stuff.

Design for storage in the open area

Based on the eye level, put every beautiful thing in the upper open shelves, and hide the other things in the storing cabinets below.

In this way, there is no wrinkled paper bags or plastic toys in sight, and only attractive artworks and clean cabinet doors remain.

TV cabinet is the hero of the living room

The TV cabinet has always been the hero of the living room since other things like potted plants, sofa, and tea table are all arranged and set according to its style, color, position, and size. Therefore, the TV cabinet is really important.

A TV cabinet can be the finishing touch to the living room, which determines the design and decoration level of the living room, or even the whole house.

A nice design of the TV cabinet can realize the functions of storage, beautification, and cleanness and tidiness, which is like the adage that kill three birds with one stone.

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