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Snimay Was Invited To Attend The Feast Of The Industry Kings

Snimay Was Invited To Attend The Feast Of The Industry Kings

Snimay Was Invited To Attend The Feast Of The Industry Kings

Snimay was invited to attend the feast of the industry kings, and won two honors from the National Chamber of Commerce Furniture Decoration Industry Association!

The theme of this annual conference is "Light of Kinetic Energy", explaining the latest policies, analysis and logic collaboration, model empowerment, big data, and private domain power engine. Using entrepreneurship N + 1, artificial intelligence, retail DNA, supply chain system, social e-commerce, new species as keywords, interpret the trend of the times and share the dividends of the times.

High-level leaders such as Xin Fumin, Chairman of Sunniman Home, Huang Weiguo, CEO, and Luo Beihai, General Manager of Whole House Custom Marketing Center were invited to attend, and gathered with many outstanding entrepreneurs to feast the king of the industry, and they will look forward to the future of the industry together!

Actively embrace trends

Discover new channels and expand custom boundaries

Xin Nimin, Chairman of Snimay Home Furnishings, was invited to participate in [The Giant's Perspective] "Operator Meeting Room" Summit Dialogue!He explored the possibility of the second growth curve of the home industry, and discussing the boundaries of professional fields and cross-border diversification with the outstanding operators of cabinets, customization and assembly.


Xin Fumin said: Customized homes must embrace change, and actively seek the growth driver of the company when they deepen their core business, and assembly is the most important breakthrough in the future. He believes that self-assembly is a very large proposition, and future companies will either do self-assembly or service self-assembly. At present, Snimay is also actively exploring the assembly, taking advantage of customized enterprises, cooperating with home improvement and assembly companies to deepen the omni-channel, expand the boundaries, and open up the search for the development path of Snimay’s assembly.

At the same time, in order to meet and explore consumer needs as the goal, adhere to innovation in the product research and development, stick to its own development, create differentiated competitive advantages of products, and lead the fission and growth of enterprises with high-quality personalized product advantages.


Xin Fumin outlined the development forecast for 2020 in one sentence: dig new channels to embrace and empower.

Exploiting new channels is the most important development strategy of Snimay in the past two years. When harvesting new channel expansion dividends, Snimay will also continue to tilt the resources and capabilities of enterprises and deepen omni-channel operations. Embracing trends, embracing the upstream and downstream industrial chain of Pan Home Furnishing, embracing home improvement, finishing, real estate companies, and empowering dealers are also important propositions for the development of Snimay.

Won two awards

Set the benchmark for high-quality demonstration companies in the home industry

The four standards including the group standard Custom Home Furnishing Product Installation and Service Specifications promoted by the Standardization Committee of the China Chamber of Commerce for Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce are officially implemented on September 1, 2019.

As the executive chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, Snimay participated in the drafting of the Custom Home Furnishing Product Installation Service Specification and was awarded T / CFDCC 0207-2019 Custom Home Furnishing Product Installation Service Specification Drafting institution" honorary title.


Snimay regards high-quality products and services as the foundation of enterprise development. Since its inception, it has strictly required itself with high standards and specifications. At the same time, it has also actively participated in the standardization of industry standards to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. It has participated in the preparation of the "General Technical Conditions for Custom House Products for the Whole House" and "Wood Custom House Products" standards. This time, it is an honor to participate in the drafting of "Customized Home Product Installation Service Specification", fully affirming the demonstration and achievements of Snimay in the installation service specification.


Snimay was awarded Custom Home Furnishing Product Installation Service Specification Drafting institution" honorary title.

Integrating the upgrade of products and services in the blood of the brand allows Snimay to  guarantee the output of high-quality and high-quality products and experience. At the dinner banquet of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce and the 4th China Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony, the "Three-year Action Plan to Promote the Quality and Service of the Household Manufacturing Industry (2020-2022)" was launched and Snimay became the first batch of "high-quality development demonstration enterprises in China's home industry"! Huang Weiguo, the executive president of Snimay, participated in the ceremony on behalf of the company!



[Wang Weiguo, CEO of Snimay Home, receives awards (third from left)]


[China's high-quality development demonstration enterprise of the household industry]

The launch of the three-year action plan will become an important driving force for the high-quality development of the Chinese home furnishing industry. It will drive the industry's transformation and upgrading with high-quality development, and reshape the industry chain value system to promote the new life of the industry.

Six honors crowned

Witnessing the power of the Snimay brand with strength

From November 27th to 28th, Snimay continuously harvested six awards including the 2010 Cool + Global Pan-Home Digital Ecology Selection "Home Digital Pioneer Brand", Today’s Headlines "Marketing Brand Award", Youju & Tencent Home & Shell "2019 China Home Industry Contribution Awards Annual Integrated Marketing Award "," 2019 China Household Industry Brand Award Service Innovation Brand ", China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce" China High-quality Development Demonstration Enterprise in the Home Furnishing Industry "," Custom Home Furnishing Product Installation Service Specification "participating drafting units , brand strength honors blooming! These awards cover all aspects of digital innovation, integrated brand marketing, service innovation, and high-quality demonstrations. They fully praise the outstanding achievements of Snimay in 2019.


Whether it is to strengthen internal strength and independent innovation, or external cooperation and integration to promote the industry together, Snimay is committed to the "rejuvenation of national brands" and always upholds the values of "achieve others and achieve themselves" to meet the “people’s longing for living for a better life" , adhere to innovation and hard work, and strive to be the pioneer in the industry!

At the same time, Snimay will also deepen the "Three-year Action Plan to Promote the Quality and Service of the Home Manufacturing Industry (2020-2022)" of the Chamber of Commerce of Furniture and Decoration Industry of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. Together with outstanding companies in the industry, Snimay promotes the transformation of China made into Chinese manufacturing, home furnishing big nations into home furnishing powerful nations, China's speed towards Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products into Chinese brands!

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