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Why Is Whole Home Design So Popular

Why Is Whole Home Design So Popular

Why Is Whole Home Design So Popular

Whole home design is very popular in recent years. Though you didn’t spend anything on whole home design, you would often hear these words on news report. Many home owners are very familiar with whole home design, because the literal meaning of these words is evident and the advertisement of many manufacturers. However, there are still some misunderstandings about whole home design.

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For example, we often receive private messages, like, “How much does it cost to have whole home design?”

what does this question mean?(not straight forward enough) First, design itself is personalized. Different home owners may need different product type, product size, product style and colour, as well as functional fittings. Therefore, manufacturers or shopping guides can’t make offers for you before you clarifying your personal needs. This question is too extensive.

Then, what is whole home design? According to the professional explanation, whole home design is a home design solution involved with furniture design, customization, installation, etc. Whole home design is to manufacture exclusive furniture for customers according to their design requirements, and mainly for hard furniture.

According to this definition, “whole home design”focuses more on “integration”and product type also focuses more on hard furniture, which is different from what we think of as “whole home design is to design all the furniture in a house”.

Nowadays, many furniture brands on the market have played the slogan of “whole home design”, but it has been questioned as mere remain in name only. These furniture brands have few product types, and cannot have what customers think of as whole home design. Even big brands that have established for several decades feel difficult to provide whole home furniture.

So does that mean all the brands are fooling around? Not exactly, many brands including Snimay, etc. do provide whole home furniture, including doors and windows, TV stand, sofa, tea table, sideboard cabinet, wine cabinet, bar counter, shoe cabinet, children’s bedroom, tatami, bay window, closet, locker room, etc., which cover almost all hard and main soft installations in every space.

In addition, it is gratifying that these brands are constantly enriching their product types and upgrading the comprehensive degree of whole home design.

How do customers choose the right brand, with so many brands of “whole home design”? Firstly, let’s go back to the starting point. The reasons for us to choose whole home design are to save time, effort and money on one one hand, and to ensure the harmony and unity of style on the other hand. In order to realize these two aims, we need to recognize the product lines and overall strength of these brands. For example, if a ceramic brand claims to offer whole home design, but it actually can only make few products like ceramic, wallpaper and curtain. Therefore, the result that customers hope to save time and effort, as well as to unify style cannot be achieved by choosing this kind of brand.

At the same time, customers can judge a brand’s strength by its richness in product types, because the manufacturers need to invest a lot of funds, personnel, technologies, and material resources on extending product lines. It doesn’t mean that you can do it at any time and place, rather it needs mature conditions.

Conclusion: whole home design starts rather late and is still in the process of rapid development. There are very few brands that can actually provide whole home design. As customers, we need to choose those brands that can provide services close to whole home design.

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