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SNIMAY has cooperated with THREE RABBITS starting the new era of renovation sharing by releasing the hitting modular product named AI HOME!

SNIMAY has cooperated with THREE RABBITS starting the new era of renovation sharing by releasing the hitting modular product named AI HOME!

SNIMAY has cooperated with THREE RABBITS starting the new era of renovation sharing by releasing the hitting modular product named AI HOME!

On 15th Aug., 2019, SNIMAY, as the strategic partner, has been invited to participate the award ceremony for the fifth renovation artisan skills contest, and SNIMAY's CEO Mr. HUANG WEI GUO, director of design exhibition center Mr.ZHONG RUN TIAN,director of Marketing KA center Mr. GU YI GUI, Vice director of AI home operating center Mr. YANG ZE JIAN have attended. Meanwhile, there are more than 200 people from the home collections,home renovation,industry association, media and renovation artisan, etc..After that, all guests witnessed the modular product of AI HOME being published officially, then visit the intelligent manufacturing factory of SNIMAY INDUSTRY 4.0, SNIMAY whole home furnishing customization showroom, Kitchen showroom, sub-brand AI home exhibition showroom.


Off-line company and online platform have worked together strategically starting the new era of renovation sharing.

In recent years, online home renovation platform has growth rapidly, but people has much higher service demanding on home renovation efficiency, personality, better quality, and too much complicated supply chain, professional demanding. However, some platforms can't solve the project's hand over very well by renovation artisans. All in one word, if one company can coordinate with millions of renovation artisans to solve those difficulties, that company will take the huge advantage on the market competition in future.

THREE REBBITS is providing this business module of renovation sharing platform including the upstream supply chain, like first tire brand from the raw material factory,downstream supply chain, like five stars designers and artisans platform sharing,Through the Foreman Shareholder System,to make the raw material factory to reach the owner demanding end.Continuing to improve and upgrade the system. So far there are more than 40,000 foremen and 200,000 artisans joined in this platform.

SNIMAY was explored to build up the new connection between offline and online platform,to cooperate with THREE RABBITS strategically being able to empower home renovation platform, meanwhile,with the strong industry 4.0 intelligent manufacture ability and whole customized home collections as one stop solution to support and secure the foundation.


SNIMAY's CEO Mr. HUANG WEIGUO addressed,THREE RABBITS came up with renovation sharing mode, which is the better way to solve the industry’s emergency demanding, like one stop integrated purchase and quickly hand over on time. What's more, SNIMAY already has had 16 years experience on home collections customized, which being able to provide full packaged service on the design, intelligent manufacture, installation, etc.. for THREE RABBITS, then we can create the stronger market effect by "1+1>2" cooperation, bringing the totally new mode experience to develop the powerful market growth.


AI HOME modular products launched historically to empower the renovation sharing mode.

Hereby on this summit, SNIMAY CEO Mr. Huang WeiGuo has led 200 people to visit the SNIMAY 4.0 intelligent manufacture line included whole home customization, Kitchen cabinet and AI HOME exhibition hall, where is shown full categories with stylish home furnishing being acknowleged by professionals.



Meanwhile, AI HOME modular products also being launched at SNIAMY Information Technology Center! On the AI HOME modular product training & Communication meeting, Mr. Huang addressed AI HOME assembly home furnishing is developing base on the trend of one-stop assembly home renovation, using informational technical to simplify the procedures as drawing making, design, order processing, manufacturing, installation etc., while be able to simplify the operation procession, operation efficiency improvement, and artisan's time & cost-saving.


Mr. Huang emphasized the trend is always larger than the advantage. The government is strongly advocating assembly installation housing, so it will be the unstoppable developing trend in the future.


Dr. Han Jun, founder of THREE RABBITS, said delivery, deadline and service are the difficulties on this current stage, looking forward to the AI HOME modular product package providing the quick assembly experience to improve the service ability as well.


SNIMAY’s AI HOME Operating center, vice director Mr. Yang has specifically defined and honestly recommended AI HOME brand for the age of 25 to 45 years old people, who is pursuing the simplify stylish home collections customized.

Using “big data platform+informational order procession+flexible production” business mode, operating big data cloud platform to industry 4.0 intelligent flexible manufacturing, which can connect to consumers’ demanding,scheme design and factory manufacture as one-stop solution being the service closed-loop, through the variety module,flexible stitching combination to realize the personalize scheme customization, making the much more stylish, faster,more eco-environmental friendly whole home customization service.


AI HOME has been studied more than millions of houses in depth to select the most popular product style including new classical Europe style, Modern Light Luxury, Modern simplicity as the three main trend product categories, those has customized modular+functions+style to make the vogue,delicacy and simplify life way to meet most families' customization demanding.


SNIMAY senior designer Mr. ZHOU and Mr. HE has organized the training illustration, through “design & manufacture integration” to make design being more convenient, manufacture being more efficiency, cooperation more smoothly.


THREE RABITTS in 2019 marketing summit and SNIMAY AI HOME modular product launched training come to end happily. Both parties are looking forward to this empower cooperation to realize the high quality delivery and high efficiency improvement making the win-win future.


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