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How to Transform a Balcony into a Room? What are the Benefits of Closing the Balcony?

How to Transform a Balcony into a Room? What are the Benefits of Closing the Balcony?

How to Transform a Balcony into a Room? What are the Benefits of Closing the Balcony?

The balcony is a place that many families will have today. Nowadays, the area of urban commercial houses is not as large as that of rural areas. Many people want to expand the area with great effort in decoration. The transformation of balcony has become a key goal of everyone.

There are many important points to be concerned about when talking about home balcony decoration.  Next, SNIMAY takes you to have a look at the problem of how to transform the balcony into a room, and quickly see what are the benefits of closing the balcony. Let's take a look at the details below!


Ⅰ. How to transform the balcony into a room?

1. The balcony can be transformed into a bedroom, but it is not recommended, because the balcony is high up in the air on three sides, and each side is subject to strong wind, and the wind is much larger than that blowing ordinary windows. If the airtightness of balcony is not good, there will be the air leakage problem in winter, which will reduce the indoor temperature. And if the wind is strong, it is easy to cause the indide areas to be covered with dust, which is very troublesome. If the above problems are solved, everyone can still change the balcony into a bedroom.

2. To transform a balcony into a bedroom, the first thing to consider is its safety, functionality and convenience. And the balcony is the place closest to nature, if you want to change it into a bedroom, you should consider the raw materials. Generally, you can choose materials such as pebbles, bluestone slabs or anticorrosive wood, because these pure natural raw materials have a very good effect of decoration. If some consumers' balconies are closed, they can choose to paint the indoor latex paint on the walls of the balconies, otherwise they should choose outdoor wall paint.

3. If you must transform the balcony into a bedroom, then tatami is the best choice. There are many tatami beds on the market that can be raised and lowered, and the small table can be lowered and leveled when it is not in use, and then pave a cushion to make it as a bedroom. The area of tatami is not very large, so it is very convenient to use. At the same time, you can also add some wall cabinet designs, so that you can easily store items in daily life.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of sealing the balcony?

1. Dust proofing, sound insulation and warm keeping. After the balcony is closed, there is an additional layer of windows to block dust and noise, which helps block the invasion of sand, dust, rain, and noise, and can make the neighboring room cleaner and quieter.

2. Expansion of the practical area of the room. As mentioned above, it can be used as a living space, which is equivalent to expanding the use area of the bedroom or living room, or increasing the storage space of the bedroom.

3. Security. After closing the balcony, the house has an additional layer of protection, which can play a role of safety precaution.

The above is all the introduction on how to transform the balcony into a room. I believe you want to know information in this field very much and I believe you will not miss the benefits of closing the balcony. Remember to follow us!

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