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Multipurpose Room Design ideas in Snimay

Multipurpose Room Design ideas in Snimay

Multipurpose Room Design ideas in Snimay

As the old saying goes, "The book has its own golden house." For contemporary families, the study is not just a place to read and work, or just a desk and a bookshelf. A perfect study should be a combination of beauty and practicality, a multifunctional space integrating guest bedroom, leisure, office and entertainment. So, how about Snimay’s multipurpose room design? How to design the multifunctional study?

1. Tatami + study design

One of Snimay’s multipurpose room design ideas is to combine tatami with study. Now tatami is known as a must-have furniture in the home. With its versatile square shape, it is popular among the public. Tatami is suitable for every space, and it is perfect with the study room. The unit cabinet of tatami can be used for storage, so the study room becomes a storage room. In addition, the tatami can be set up with a lifting platform, and when it rises, there is an extra table for office, chat, tea, and entertainment; when it comes down, it is another bed and an extra guest bedroom.


2.Bay window + study design

In autumn, many people like to move chairs outside to soak in the sun, and the bay window is a good place for us to meditate, listen to music, and drink tea. We can lie on the window and put a few comfortable cushions, freely choosing to sit or lie down. It’s so comfortable to watch the busy traffic during the day and the starry sky at night. With this combination of study and bay window, you can stay in a daze, read a book or even do storage, all of which are all excellent choices.


There are many more interesting and practical multipurpose room design ideas to find on Snimay's website, and if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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