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Nordic Style: Simplicity Is Not Simple!

Nordic Style: Simplicity Is Not Simple!

Nordic Style: Simplicity Is Not Simple!

The Nordic style home decoration comes from the home decoration styles of northern European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. It is famous for its simplicity and influenced the later minimalist style. Among modern furniture, the Nordic style is the strongest and naturally IKEA furniture. Although it looks simple and has no outstanding highlights, it gives people a very comfortable feeling.


Many people also like to go to IKEA to find some Nordic style furniture to take home, but each style has its own unique culture and elements. Forcing them to piece together will only be self-defeating. Today Snimay will introduce the five characteristics of Nordic style to help you better decorate.

1. Simple design. The Nordic style has a strong post-modernist characteristic, focusing on smooth line design, representing a kind of fashion and returning to nature. Advocating the charm of logs, the colors are mainly light colors, such as white, beige, and light wood colors, and the materials are mainly natural elements, such as wood, rattan, and soft cotton and linen. The wood adopted is mostly birch, pine, and maple.


2. The spatial function is blurred. The Nordic style generally emphasizes the spaciousness of the interior space, the transparency of the interior and exterior, and the maximum introduction of natural light in terms of processing space. It is often not obvious in each functional area. Each area is partitioned only by soft and hard decoration, which is usually expressed as the integration of living room and dining room.


3. The interior elements maintain the original texture. The decorative materials commonly used in Nordic interior decoration styles include stone, glass and iron art, but they all retain the original texture of these materials without exception. The space feels clean and clear, and there is no sense of clutter. For soft outfits such as curtains and carpets, natural textures such as cotton and linen are preferred.


4. The materials are carefully selected. In order to facilitate indoor thermal insulation, the Nordic people used a large amount of wood with good thermal insulation performance during interior decoration, and the craft fan was perfect. Advocating the charm of logs, these woods basically use logs that have not been finely processed, retaining the original color and texture of the wood for classic wooden house design effect.


5. The combination of straight lines and soft curves. The Nordic people emphasize the perfect combination of simple structure and comfortable function. Even when designing a chair, it is necessary not only to pursue its beauty, but also to pay attention to the structure of the human body, so that its curve can be perfectly integrated when it contacts the human body.

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