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How to Select and Maintain the Bathroom Vanities

How to Select and Maintain the Bathroom Vanities

How to Select and Maintain the Bathroom Vanities


The plane materials of bathroom vanities can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fire-proof board, stoving varnish, glass, metal, solid wood and so on. The base material is the main part of the bathroom, which is covered by plane materials.

At present, the mainstream base material that bathroom vanities in the market adopt is waterproof MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is a kind of “rigid” board that formed after the selected raw wood materials smashed into powder have been specially processed. Due to its waterproof performance superior to ordinary fiberboard, it is the top choice of base materials of bathroom vanities.


For ordinary families, it’s better to choose the wall-hung type or wheeled bathroom vanities, since they can effectively isolate the humidity from the floor. It’s necessary to know details about whether all the metal components are the stainless steel or the aluminium products that specially used in bathroom, which ensures the humidity-proof performance. And then to check the opening degree of the bathroom vanities’ hinge. It’s convenient to get and put stuff when the opening degree reaches 180°. When select the bathroom vanities’ design, remember to ensure the maintaining of the hose and the opening of the valve, and try to avoid any trouble about maintaining in the future.

Bathroom vanities with poor quality go mouldy easily and breed bacteria, and the over-volume formaldehyde in the varnish of the surface can influence people’s health. Since much stuff in the bathroom is used close to skin, you should check the files such as certificate of qualification provided by the factory and try to purchase the products of famous brand.

However, how to keep the bathroom vanities clean? Here are 3 tips for easy clean and maintaining.

1. Dust Extraction of the Bathroom Vanities Surface:

If the the bathroom vanities are covered by much dust, you can use soft cloth to wipe. But direct wiping should be avoided, a piece of cloth with some detergent is a better choice before wiping. Washing with water should never be adopted in case of corrosion and rust of the material.

2. Dirt Cleaning of the Bathroom Vanities Surface

It’s easy for the bathroom vanities’ surface to be stained. You can choose neutral detergent to clean and violent wiping should be avoided. For wooden cabinet body, to cover with a little wax after the water evaporates and then softly rub to help the surface form a protection film is an important step to extend the service life.

3. Water Stain Cleaning:

The bathroom is frequently full of water vapor so that water vapor is easy to condense on the bathroom vanities’ surface, ensuring the water stain. The method of wiping out the water stain on the surface is to put a piece of wet cloth where the water stain is and then use an iron carefully to press the wet cloth till the stain disappear.

The cleaning and maintaining of the bathroom vanities should be done twice a month so as to keep the beautiful and tidy appearance of the cabinet, ensuring a clean and elegant bathroom environment.

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