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Over the years, SNIMAY has become a sought-after supplier to the international project business. Today, we have export to more than 50 countries all over the world. Many international projects have already been fitted with kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom vanities from SNIMAY, and our customers appreciate our flexibility in project management and excellent design and manufacturing quality every bit as much as our competence in customized solutions. You too can benefit from our international expertise as the foundation for your plans .

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About Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

How deep are traditional style kitchen cabinets?

As far as depth goes a standard base cabinet is 24 inches deep. For islands or other areas where there isn't enough space for such a deep cabinet, the size is generally reduced by three inches at a time. The shallowest base cabinets are 12 inches deep (Usually a wall cabinet is used to achieve this depth).

How to design a traditional kitchen with white european style kitchen cabinets?

White European style kitchen cabinets remain massively popular among home remodelers, and rightfully so. When it comes to aesthetics and versatility, white kitchen cabinets almost always take the cake. Nowadays, most people desire a more modern or contemporary style to accommodate their white cabinets, but these cabinets can also be a great foundation for traditional style kitchen cabinets.

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