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22 Popular Porch Cases

22 Popular Porch Cases

22 Popular Porch Cases

22 popular entrance hallway cases tell you that such decoration is popular now!

We will find that many families will consider the design of bedrooms and dining rooms again and again, both beautifully and practically.

However, it is easy to be "lazy" in the entrance hallway, and simply put a shoe rack or shoe cabinet to finish it. As a result, the shoes on the floor are messy, which particularly affects the appearance.

Now, let's take a look at how beautiful and practical entrance can be designed?

Storage type

Basic section

Buying a shoe cabinet or shoe rack and placing it in the entrance is simple and convenient, but not free from worry.

Storage space is limited, and can't put too many shoes, let alone hanging clothes and putting other items.


Some people will complain it. Their house is a small apartment, and there is a little place in the entrance, where only can put a shoe rack. It is hard to make an entrance cabinet here.


Small space is not a problem. Designing a simple to- the-top entrance cabinet is more practical than ordinary shoe cabinets.


The household has a non-load-bearing wall, and you can also design an embedded entrance hall high cabinet. It not only meets the storage needs of shoes, but also does not occupy the daily use space, and the home is more spacious.


The to-the-top entrance cabinet is powerful, and the aesthetics cannot be ignored. The central part is empty, which can be used to display bags and accessories,  increasing beauty.


Or design an open side , making a shoe-changing area. There is no need to stand on one foot to change shoes, which saves a lot of work and it is much safer.


If the space is really limited and you cannot design the shoe-changing area, it’s also convenient to prepare a shoe changing stool.


It will be more useful that the partition in the shoe changing area is designed as a shoe rack. It is easy and quick to change shoes at home.


Install three or two coat hooks in the empty area, hanging coats, scarves, and hats at your disposal. Remove the fatigue from inside to outside.

There is a lot of room in the house entrance, and you don't have to worry about putting more shoes. If one wall is not enough, then design two walls. People who love shoes can learn from them!


Multiple function type

Beautiful & practical

In addition to the above-mentioned basic entrance cabinet, it is more popular in modern homes to install a multiple functional entrance cabinet, which makes the home space cleaner and more beautiful.

Shoes, bags, coats, all kinds of objects are all classified and stored. It can be the shoe cabinet, sundry storage cabinet, and beautiful decorative cabinet.


You can see the entrance hallway on entering the house. The beautiful scenery makes people amazed and sighs the exquisite living style of the host.


Arrange the space for shoes and well designed the decoration area, then add glass door frames and shelf lights, making great exhibition effect.


It should be noted that the depth of the shoe placement area should be reasonable. If too deep, it is easy to waste; and if too shallow, the shoes can not be put in, then the entrance cabinet will be useless.

The layout design of the entrance cabinet can be customized according to family needs and aesthetic habits. Design a satisfying entrance cabinet, making you go out and go home every day with a good mood.


The direction of the shoe-changing area of the multiple functional entrance cabinet depends on whether the door opens inward or outward.


If the door opens inward, the shoe changing area should be designed inside, avoiding hitting your head when opening the door; it opens outward, it is alright that the shoe changing area next to both the door and inside.


If you want the entrance cabinet to look more beautiful, in addition to buying some good-looking and interesting items, raising some fresh green plants, you can also think about the color combination of the porch cabinet. The beautiful collision and color matching will have a good effect.

Combination type

Multiple uses for one cabinet

Sometimes, the porch cabinet is not just the porch cabinet, it can also be a sideboard, a TV cabinet, a partition cabinet ...


The household space is limited, and the side cabinets and entrance cabinets “share one cabinet”. The shoe changing area is designed on the side and the display area is in the middle, it is reasonably allocated.


TV cabinet + porch cabinet combination makes perfect use of the entire convex corner space. The corner design display area separates the two spaces of the home and the living room properly.


Design  "a little more" entrance cabinet and it can also be used as a partition cabinet.

The side of the entrance cabinet is designed as a half-height low cabinet, which can not only increase the storage space, be used as a sofa back, but also have a certain partition function, which can be regarded as serving three purposes.


The design and shape of the porch combination cabinet are not single fixed. You can customize it according to your own apartment type, storage needs, and aesthetic requirements to design a most suitable porch combination cabinet!

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