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Don't Waste Small Balcony!

Don't Waste Small Balcony!

Don't Waste Small Balcony!

A survey shows that in those prosperous cities with high housing price, as many as 70% of people are willing to buy a house and stay. Most of them would choose small apartments. Thus, how to maximize the use of space is their most concern. However, the balcony is often a place they ignore, either drying clothes or piling up debris. In fact, as long as the balcony is designed, 1 square meter can become useful as 10 square meters, which saves money and provides a place to taste life. Now Snimay will share some useful ideas to decorate small balcony for you.

  1. Utilize the small balcony as a leisure bar

Utilize the small balcony as a leisure bar

You can choose customized ivory white shelves on the balcony, and put on a set of tables and chairs, enjoying a cup of tea and some snacks. This comfortable style provided by Snimay creates a unique atmosphere for people.

2. Utilize the small balcony as a tea room

Utilize The Small Balcony As A Tea Room

Invite a close friend, sit cross-legged on the couch, sip tea in the bright sunshine with the faint tea fragrance, you will feel refreshed, and the balcony instantly transforms into a cozy little tea room. When the guests stayed late, you just need remove the tea set from the tea room and the balcony turn into a small room again. Snimay, providing whole house customization, can easily solve the needs of daily life and make your small balcony with more functions with various ideas to decorate small balcony.

3. Utilize the small balcony as the study

Utilize The Small Balcony As The Study

Small apartments generally do not have a separate study or work room, and the balcony can be used as a brand new study. Install a fixed bookshelf next to the wall, and then put a small desk, and drop the blinds to block the outdoor noise; at night, you can also read your favorite books with a soft lamp. As you can see, ideas to decorate small balcony can make the best use of space and even create a new room in your house.

Don’t waste your small balcony! The balcony is a special existence, which is the extension of the indoor space and part of the city's scenery. With above ideas to decorate small balcony provided by Snimay, you can look at the tall buildings that are far away from the balcony and enjoy the beautiful scenery at ease.

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