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Why is Your Back Hurting When Cooking? The Height Of Your Kitchen Cabinet Matters!

Why is Your Back Hurting When Cooking? The Height Of Your Kitchen Cabinet Matters!

Why is Your Back Hurting When Cooking? The Height Of Your Kitchen Cabinet Matters!

As the saying goes, it takes nearly two hours for cooking and merely five minutes for eating. The long meal preparation time makes it everyday a challenge for your back. With an unsatisfactory kitchen cabinet, it's easy to cause back pain.


When cooking, many people often keep their arms raised until their wrists become numb. Especially when making some meals that need to be stir-fried all the time, it is really necessary to turn their wrists frequently.


This article is going to talk about the solutions to various backache problems: high and low china kitchen cabinet.


1. How to set the height of the kitchen cabinet?

To know the answer, firstly, we should know why the inappropriate height of the countertop  will cause back pain. It is because the arms or back cannot be placed in a comfortable position when making home-cooked meals. The arms are set up when stir frying and the waist is bent when washing the vegetables, so the muscles aches and even tingles after a long time.


If you want to avoid this situation, you should confirm the size of the kitchen cabinet before customizing a cabinet. If you don't say anything, some cabinet companies may generally make the height of 80cm, because they are used to make cabinet of this size. So make sure you find a reliable home furniture company.


For making an appropriate high and low kitchen cabinet, basically you need to determine a height, and then make some adjustments on the basis of it.



2. High and low kitchen cabinet design

Different kitchens have different unit plans. How should we design the high and low kitchen cabinet?


I-shaped high quality kitchen cabinets

Generally, small-sized or narrow kitchens will have a straight I-shaped design. This kind of countertop is long enough, but will not be spacious. Meanwhile, it puts the sink and the vegetable preparation area together, while the cooking area is lower, to ensure a reasonable and efficient motion line. If you don't want to have a height difference of tabletop, you can adjust it to an L-shape by yourself and choose a narrow wall to set some functions.


L-shaped high quality kitchen cabinets

Because the L-shaped kitchen has a natural division, you can directly separate the cooking area from the sink. While the height of cooking area can be combined with either areas based on your preference. What's more, a dishwasher and washing machine can be placed under the high countertop, fully utilizing the kitchen space.


U-shaped high quality kitchen cabinets

The U-shaped high and low kitchen cabinet is considered as the most outstanding in terms of both the motion line and the area. And it allows more choices when designing. Generally, the lower cooking area can be placed in the middle, with a higher sink area and vegetable preparation area on both sides. It can also be divided into a I-shaped kitchen cabinet and a L-shaped kitchen cabinet.

3. Be careful with these traps when choosing a kitchen cabinet

Finally, we want to share some tips on kitchen decoration.


About lighting

Washing and preparing dishes in the kitchen require sufficient light, especially the white light. Different colors of light will affect you to judge whether the food is well cooked. So warm yellow light or spotlights are not suitable.


About the refrigerator

When the kitchen door and the refrigerator door are open at the same time, they may collide with each other. So take this into consideration when choosing the refrigerator position. In the meantime, the refrigerator is not recommended to be too close to the stove, because the temperature of the stove is too high, which will affect the heat dissipation of the refrigerator.


About windows

The stove is not recommended to be too close to the window, because the wind may extinguish the stove fire.


At last, Snimay hopes everyone can cook pleasantly and enjoy the dishes happily!

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