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Snimay Provides High-quality Island Cabinets

Snimay Provides High-quality Island Cabinets

Snimay Provides High-quality Island Cabinets

Whether you are making cakes or pancakes at home, a large space is required for operation. At this time, if the kitchen at home is equipped with a black island cabinet, it would be great!Because there is a large operating space, and you can make it with your family and enjoy this wonderful time together! Does it sound good? Now please have a look at this island cabinet of Snimay,which is specially designed for you who like to make food at home.

island cabinets1

The new Chinese-style cabinet uses high-grade gray and warm wood colorswith simple outline, which looks natural and simple. With it, you can find more hapiness in simple life.

At the same time, the use of new Chinese-style wood grain  embelishment adds the new Chinese elements to the original simple design, and the overall design sense has been greatly improved, which is especially for those who love Chinese elements!

island cabinets2

It is designed in the form of island-shaped cabinets with display-style storage cabinet embedded in the wall, which makes the overall atmosphere high-end.

Because the cabinet has a black island cabinet, you can usually cook with your family and friends.

island cabinets3

The 12mm ultra-thin countertop design reduces the bulkiness brought by the thick countertop, and adds an artistic sense and visual impact to traditional countertop design, making it more fashionable.

island cabinets4

The non-porous drawers on the sideboards are practical and beautiful, with lighting that is more layered and full of design. Clever design makes the whole space more interesting.

island cabinets5

Girls always want something romantic in their kitchen, and the glass shelf light is such a design.

Aluminum frame with tempered glass and 4500K lighting has the urban trend feel,which shows girl’s romance.

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