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Three Minutes for Strategy, Never Fall into the Trap again

Three Minutes for Strategy, Never Fall into the Trap again

Three Minutes for Strategy, Never Fall into the Trap again

Many people have once fallen into the trap during the period of house decoration. Furniture, the same as home decorations, belongs to slow-moving consumer goods. Consumers those who are not familiar with this trade would always complain that there are a lot of traps in the furniture trade:

"The house is a kind of rigid demand, so it’s important to use environmentally friendly materials, but I don't know how to choose."

"I have bought a fake product of a good brand with a large amount of money during the Double Eleven shopping festival!"

"Some pieces of furniture I had just bought within a year broke down! What a terrible experience!"

"I can't stand! Some parts have just detached during the usage..."

"What should I do since there are many traps waiting for me?"

We have sorted out a lot of strategies for you. If you collect these strategies, I’m sure that you will never fall into the trap again.

NO.1 Observe the Surface

When selecting a piece of furniture, you should notice that high-end brand furniture should adopt high-level materials, such as solid wood, solid wood particle board, and natural agri-fiber board. These pieces of brand furniture adopt high-level laminating, plastic uptake, airbrushing, and other techniques. The sophisticated processes endow the furniture characteristics of no scratches or little pits, no peeling or cracks on the surface, no rough corners or scratches, and the surface of the plates is treated even and natural.

Some pieces of European style furniture are luxury and high-level with stoving varnish and gold and jade embedded in, but they are a little expensive. However, it’s no good purchasing terrible furniture.

NO.2 Smell the Plates

From the perspective of the cost, it’s economical for consumers to choose solid wood particle boards that have reached the E1 level of international environmental protection standards and met the home use standard.

From the perspective of environmental protection, the agri-fiber board made of straws exceeds E1 level and is formaldehyde-free so that it smells like a slight grain fragrance. It is moisture-resistant and crack-resistant, and is even described as edible!


These are the plates with poor quality, which are rough and pungent.


NO.3 Test the Load-bearing

When selecting the furniture, it’s necessary to choose the thick plates with strong bearing capacity. While the installation method is also important. Although with a person standing on, the cabinet is still the same, since it won’t be deformed and is not afraid of pulling.


NO.4 Check the details

The laminating surface of brand furniture should be fresh, smooth, and bright, and the parts stoving varnished or oil painted should be with even color and smooth film. The welded joints should be even and no snaps, lack of weld, blackspots, and pits. And the bending oval parts should be round and smooth without wrinkles. Besides, it requires that each fixed part should be stable; the rivets, screws, and nails should reach the condition of being smooth, even, and no burr, scratch, or looseness.

As the picture shows, the plate with poor quality has an uneven surface and adhesive failure, which causes the door plank to fail to be installed neatly.


NO.5 Check the Banding

The banding of the plate fitment is very important. You should pay attention to the quality of the banding materials and don’t forget to check whether the banding is uneven or tilting. That whether the plate has banding in all the six sides needs more attention. Although the adhesive used is formaldehyde-free, some manufacturers would add more or less volatile gas into the plates. Therefore, it’s favorable for the home environmental protection to use close-banding plates.


NO.6 Test the Functions

You can check the gap between the door seam and drawer seam of the furniture. It’s necessary to check the firmness of the furniture structure since if the gap is large, it means that the workmanship is rough, and it will deform after a long time.


The slide rail of the furniture is also important. Whether the cabinet drawer can be opened and closed smoothly, and the weight of the drawer are all supported by the slide rail. So if the quality of the slide rail doesn’t meet the standard, it can hardly withstand the weight of the drawer for a long time. You can press your hand slightly on top to see if it will loosen, rattle, or flip.


Poor-quality furniture’s slide rail has absolutely bigger gap in the metal joints so that derail would easily happen.

NO.7 Consult the Salesman

It’s also necessary to consult the salesman about how many times the furniture has been oil painted, what level of environmental protection of plates the furniture adopts, what the brand of hardware is, what the method of calculation of price is, and other questions. The biggest advantage of customized furniture is its easy assembly and disassembly by will, so the quality of the hardware is quite related to that of the furniture. And this is why those brands that use import hardware are expensive since details really matter.


NO.8 Test the Hardware

Almost all the furniture hardware of big brands use cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at a time, with a thick feel and smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick surface coating, it is hardly rust and is strong and durable with strong load-bearing capacity. The cabinet door can be stretched freely, and there will be no situation such as that the door is not tightly closed or the wardrobe is deformed.

Hardware with poor quality is generally welded by thin iron sheets which are hardly flexible so that it will crack or bend after long-time use or bearing a heavy load.

Facts speak louder than words. It’s favorable for you to go to Snimay’s Whole House Customization monopoly store to try the methods above in person because a big brand with good products never is afraid of examination.


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