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Modern European Style Kitchen Cabinets in Snimay

Modern European Style Kitchen Cabinets in Snimay

Modern European Style Kitchen Cabinets in Snimay

Recently, the simple luxury style, such as modern european style, has become popular, which can be described as"luxury can be found in simplicity". So, how about the kitchen cabinets in Snimay? Does Snimay have modern european style kitchen cabinets? What will the simple luxury style kitchen cabinet look like? Let's take a look at the Bonnard series of kitchen cabinets in Snimay.


Bonnard is a famous French painter. He believed that colors didn't belong to nature, but belonged to emotion. His works paid more attention to the world in memory and the transmission of emotions.

Therefore, his works has strong and rich layers of the picture, and the color expressions are more subjective. Thus, the designer of Bonnard series hopes to pass Bonnard’s emotional pursuit of his heart to the cabinet users and let them slow down and listen to their inner voice in the impetuous fast-paced life. The Bonnard series of modern european style kitchen cabinets emphasizes the use of color mystery to create a poetic world, which is like a painting. Even low-key colors and strong contrasts can show light and shade, combining the appearance of hearing, smell, and skin sensation, and conveying mysterious artistic effects to the viewer.


The wall cabinet and the floor cabinet are made of silver gray and black, achieving the effect of harmony and contrast, which makes up the modern european style kitchen cabinets.

The pattern is more delicate with the help of the bright surface. The white quartz countertops are the icing on the cake for this set of modern european style kitchen cabinets.


The L-shaped cabinet, with the built-in lights, shows simple luxury. It has neat and clean cabinet surface without handle design. The design technique of large-area color block collocation makes the whole space neat and delicate, reflecting the urban high-grade artistic life.


The electric elevator at the corner of the wall cabinet can put seasonings, cups, and bottles in the kitchen. When you want to pick up them, you just need gently touch the bottom of the elevator with your palm, and the elevator will automatically descend. It can also go up when you don’t need it in normal times. In summer, mosquitoes will not run in, so it is clean and hygienic. It can also ensure the overall beauty of the kitchen, with a sense of technology. How can people not love it?

Delicate and simple life starts from the kitchen. If you install this set of Snimay's modern european style kitchen cabinets, your neighbors will want to install one after wathing them.

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