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How to incorporate both style and substance into your new kitchen

How to incorporate both style and substance into your new kitchen

How to incorporate both style and substance into your new kitchen

A new kitchen for a lot of us is an integral investment into our homes.

A room where a lot of time is spent, but when it isn’t quite up to scratch it can be a room we try to avoid as much as possible. With so many new styles, unique designs and different feature pieces it can be hard to decide what to do.

On the other hand, it is easy to get caught up in the design and overcompensate.The result is a kitchen with so much going on you don’t know where to start. Use these tips to incorporate both style and substance into your new kitchen.


Cabinetry is key

If most of us were honest with ourselves, we would likely look around our kitchen and admit that the cabinetry offers very little to the style of our kitchen. Think of them as more than just a place to store crockery, cutlery or pantry items. Unique cabinetry designs are a fantastic way to add both style and substance to your kitchen.

For example, don't hide those vintage reds in the cupboard, build a wine rack into the cabinetry of your kitchen. It will immediately add a touch of class that otherwise would likely have been an empty white panel. If you’re not into wine why not experiment with a walk-in pantry? A great accessory with adds function to an otherwise cluttered space. Not only will this change the look of your kitchen but it will be practical. Plus, finding the tomato paste will be a whole lot easier.



Arguably the most important consideration for any kitchen is the bench tops.

There is style, material, space, and dimension considerations just to name a few. For your new kitchen to ooze style, why not do away with the old timber bench tops and opt for a real touch of class. Marble benchtops offer a designer luxe to any kitchen. Not to mention they last a lifetime.

If you aren't into the marble craze (but why?) then consider a mix.

Granite and polished timber offer the best of both worlds, a mix of countertops will also help keep the cost down, marble, as we know, is not cheap or easy to obtain.  Add some real style by choosing a countertop that is both functional but a treat to look at every time you enter the kitchen.


Light the way

I for one have always thought of dark places as scary and uninviting.

So don't let your new kitchen fall victim to that kind of stigma. Instead, add real style to your kitchen by opting for a strong mix of natural light as well as unique designs in lighting options.

We've all seen the movies where the freshly baked pie is placed on the windowsill.

There is something so homely about the idea of a bright and sunny window in the kitchen. So run with that style in your new kitchen. Incorporate windows and natural light into your design and you won’t want to get out of there! Combine this with unique lighting options such as exposed hanging down lights and you will not only reduce your electricity bill via natural light, but your kitchen will boast a unique open plan feel.

Storage for days

One the biggest regrets most owners of a new kitchen have is storage options.

Whether they didn't design a cookery with enough cabinetry or didn’t think outside the box, it can be one the biggest pitfalls in your new kitchen. Adding some genuine style and substance to your new kitchen doesn’t have to come at the expense of storage. Instead, get creative with your style and look at island benches to store bulkier items.

Add some hanging storage underneath cabinets to save filling up cabinets and drawers with those pots. Alternatively, add shelving underneath benchtops to offer additional storage for cookbooks, plates, bowls and much more. Just imagine the kitchen envy of your friends and family.

A new kitchen is a big investment in your life, so think carefully about how these different options might add to the style and substance of your new cookery. However, if you’re looking for some professional assistance, contact Snimay today.

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