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Matching Skills of Soft Outfit in Home Space

Matching Skills of Soft Outfit in Home Space

Matching Skills of Soft Outfit in Home Space

Soft outfit in home space refers to the decoration that can be moved at will, which can also comprehensively plan the whole home design according to the size and shape of the room space, the living habits of the occupants, hobbies and economic conditions, reflecting the individual taste of the occupants. In addition, soft outfit can better optimize the home and improve the home space form.

Today, let’s take a look at what issues should be paid attention to in soft outfits of the whole home design.


1. Soft outfit of entrance

The entrance is often the first appearance of the whole home design.The beautiful and warm entrance is like opening its arms to those who opened the door and embracing them.

Soft outfit can be found in entrance frequently, including the decorative painting on the wall, the shoe cabinet on the wall, and the ornaments on the shoe cabinet.

The simple and generous style can enhance the whole home design effect, and the decoration of plants can also make the entrance look interesting.


2. Soft outfit of dining room

The demand for soft outfit in the dining room is less than that in entrance, but it is also necessary! The soft outfit from the dining table to the lighting creates a comfortable dining environment.

(1) Tables and chairs: Different styles of tables are really different. Glass dining table is suitable for modern and simple style; dark wood dining table is suitable for Chinese style; light wood dining table is suitable for Scandinavian style and modern fashion style.

(2) Table cloth: You can choose the color you like according to the whole home design style, and try to choose a warm color table cloth, which looks more appetizing.

(3) Chandelier: The light in the dining room should be bright and comfortable. It is also a clever way to use lighting to design the light source. For example: don't install the hanging chandelier too high, just above the diners' eye level. A rectangular dining table can be equipped with two chandeliers or long oval lamps.


3. Soft outfit of study room

In addition to storing books, study room can also be equipped with some soothing decorations. A photo wall, some bookcase decorations or just a table lamp can make a study room beautiful!

As you can see, Snimay can offer you various matching skills of soft outfit in home space, which can also provide you with different interior design ideas.Welcome to contact us for more information of soft outfits or anything else!

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