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What Materials Are Good for Kitchen Cabinets Body? How to Clean the Cabinets?

What Materials Are Good for Kitchen Cabinets Body? How to Clean the Cabinets?

What Materials Are Good for Kitchen Cabinets Body? How to Clean the Cabinets?

Kitchen decoration is inseparable from the cabinet, but the body of the cabinets needs customized installation, so we need to choose the appropriate materials. In the face of a wide range of cabinet materials on the market, most people do not know how to choose, so what materials are good for the cabinets? How to clean wood weneer kitchen cabinets? Next, I will tell you the answer one by one.


1. What materials are good for kitchen cabinets body?

(1) The base material of blister board is medium density fiberboard. The surface of blister board is mainly made of vacuum blister, and then made into seamless molded products. It has the advantages of beautiful and rich color, clear texture, heat resistance, scratch resistance and so on. These advantages are specific to the products of blister board. The blister board with these characteristics has become a kind of board that is especially suitable for making cabinets. Now many cabinet products are all made of blister board.

(2) Fireproof board is good at the fire resistance, which is especially good for cabinet products, because there are more fires in the kitchen. In addition to good fire resistance, the color of these boards is more beautiful. For whatever classical or contemporary cabinet design, it is a better type of plate.

(3) Perspex is a kind of glass. The cabinet made of perspex looks tasteful and textured. And it's not only easy to clean, but also very durable. The use of perspex to make cabinets can play a certain role in the decoration of our kitchen.

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2. How to clean kitchen cabinets?

(1) Cleaning of sink

The sink should be cleaned every night after washing dishes and chopsticks. At the weekend, it is time to clean the kitchen waste in the filter tank of the sink, and clean the neck end of the pipe under the filter tank together, so as to avoid the long-term accumulation of oil dirt. If the oil dirt has accumulated in the sink pipe for a long time and is not easy to clean, try pouring some detergent to remove the oil stains in the kitchen into the sink, then flush it with hot water, and then flush it with cold water.

(2) Cleaning of door plank

Because of the different materials of the cabinet, the cleaning of the door plank is also different. There are different cleaning methods and different cleaning solutions for lacquer, solid wood and molded cabinets. Do not use steel balls and other hard objects which will not only scratch the cabinet, but also be easy to leave permanent traces, leading to door deformation and decay.

(3) Cleaning of countertop

Cabinet countertop is generally made of artificial stone, stainless steel, natural stone, etc. Different materials of countertop will be adopted different cleaning methods. In our daily use process, if we find any stains or moisture, we should deal with them in time. Stainless steel table can not be wiped by steel ball or cloth with rough surface, or it will be easy to be scratched. Soft cotton or sponge and other soft good should be used . It is recommended to wipe the oil stains on the artificial stone table with a soft cloth dipped in detergent, which can be cleaned to a certain extent.


The above contents are all the knowledge shared by SNIMAY about what materials for the cabinet and how to clean the cabinet. The selection of cabinet materials is particularly important. In addition to considering the anti-oil quality, we should also pay attention to its durability.

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