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Understanding the Modern Kitchen

Understanding the Modern Kitchen

Understanding the Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is more than just a space designed for the preparation of cooking of food, its role being a central one. With this change in function and style also came a series of changes in the design and decor of the space. Modern kitchen cabinets are focused equally on functionality and aesthetic appeal and the kitchen floor plan is designed to be as efficient as possible while remaining welcoming and simple. All of these elements make the kitchen the heart of the home as well as one of the most difficult and demanding spaces in terms of interior design and planning.


Modern design started around World War I and featured flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. Modern kitchen cabinets are characterized by this sleek, more angular design with a simplicity in their doors and frames. Recent modern design reflects a trend towards midcentury modern furniture, which features bold angles and curves. This design can be translated into modern kitchen cabinetry as well. Modern kitchen islands can harbor modern cabinets that reflect this angular or curved look and also feature up-to-date components to store cookware and dishware.


Modern style emphasizes simplicity and practicality. Many people in modern times like modern style because people hope to reflect economic, practical and comfortable cultural taste when decorating. And that's why many people prefer modern style kitchen cabinets. The modern style not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, but also reflects the personality of life and conforms to the taste of modern life.


The form is concise. The main feature of the modern style kitchen is the simplicity of the form, the way of expression is a simple straight line design, horizontal and vertical, without unnecessary decorative lines, using straight lines to emphasize the sense of space. The linear design gives people a comfortable and refreshing feeling, which makes the owner feel comfortable after get off work and relieves fatigue .


Functional and practical. Simple kitchen is not to say that it is a concession to the practical functions of the kitchen. Since it is a simple style kitchen, all unnecessary red tape must be discarded in the design, leaving the most practical and essential things. It is difficult to find other unnecessary things except for the basic cabinets, washing and cooking in the kitchen. Tools such as knives and forks are used to meet the basic cooking needs of the housewife, but there are not so many tools that people can't distinguish how to use.


The color is cold. Each decoration style has its own representative color. The representative color of the modern style is a colder color, which is inseparable from the birthplace of minimalism in Nordic countries .People’s lives are comfortable and simple, home furnishings are less decorated, and simple and cool colors have become a representative of modern.


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