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Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas

While all bedroom wardrobe designs have the same basic function, that of providing a safe haven to your clothes and accessories, the way they do their job is fast changing. Out of the box design options which make use of the contours of your room to make your designer wardrobe are becoming more popular.

The option to customize your wardrobe, like the one offered by SNIMAY, enables one to personalize their bedroom space without compromising on the essentials – storage options for space maximization.


I shape melamine modern wardrobe-Simple

Say you have a huge open room plan and need to create some boundaries. You can always use your sliding door wardrobe to create the separation in the room. For example, you can use it to create a wall if your bathroom door is opening into the room to create a narrow corridor. Position the wardrobe in such a way so that it blocks the view of the bathroom door.


2020 latest design Light luxury style wardrobe – bonard

Go for space saving bedroom wardrobe design integrated with a provision for installing your television. This design feature can come in sliding door or open shelve variants. But take care to note the height at which you want to place your tv for optimal viewing experience.


Snimay new model custom wardrobe-Jascha

Storage cabinets can be made around your headboard with an open area above the bed for placing artwork on the wall. This way you won’t have to look at your furniture when you lay down in bed.


Simple European wardrobe design for bedroom - BIARRITZ

Another space-saving idea is to combine your bedroom wardrobe with a built-in vanity area. You can custom build a series of drawers under the vanity and mount a mirror on the wall to complete the look.


Customized dressing bedroom wardrobe with mirror.

The trend these days is to go for minimalism in design. Over the top, intricate designs are on there way out. Idea is to keep it simple with clean-cut lines and play more with color tones and textures.


Italian modern glass luxury custom wardrobe - Ernie

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