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Snimay - Life Artist

Snimay - Life Artist

Snimay - Life Artist

Snimay Life Artist|In the name of art, light life inspiration

The most extraordinary beauty in the world is the beauty of the home. Home is a source of joy for everyone, letting you undress and release.

When art breaks the boundaries of life and when life and art blend together, what definition will be given to the home?

In 2019, Snimay grandly launched the "Life Artist" light luxury style series, rewriting the aesthetics of life. Yidian Information went into the exhibition hall of "Life Artist" of Snimay, and explored the philosophy of light luxury life in the new era.

"Life artist" is inspired by the unique temperament of literary youth and artists--personality, independence, taste, good quality. It uses space as a carrier, integrates life and products, and permeates the artistic spirit throughout.

Raphael Light luxury : quality life where vitality and fashion collide

Raphael is a well-known artist and the youngest of the three great artists in the Italian Renaissance. In Raphael's works, the tranquility, harmony, coordination, symmetry, and perfect and tranquil order are fully reflected. Taking this as inspiration, the Raphael series emphasizes the sharpness of lines and the beauty of parallelism, blending some bright colors with dark tones, and transfiguring the beauty of soft and full harmony.

In Raphael, the designer used a variety of materials to collide with each other to make the space warm and vibrant.

The design elements of the Raphael light luxury series are mainly composed of California shade wood grain and meridian gray. They are decorated with dark metal and glass elements, and a small amount of fabric and leather materials are used to enhance the vitality of the space. Overall, it is fashion without losing the sense of quality.

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