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The Children's Room Can Be Designed In This Way to Double the Storage

The Children's Room Can Be Designed In This Way to Double the Storage

The Children's Room Can Be Designed In This Way to Double the Storage

How to design the children's room in order to satisfy the child’s childlike world? No one wants his or her child’s simple childhood happiness will be spent in a messy room. From decoration to check-in, the decoration of a children’s room requires lots of effort. We usually only ensure the environmental-friendly materials and take care of the children’s growth, while the soft decoration and furniture need more work, not only to ensure the comfort of the child but also to ensure sufficient storage so that the room will not be a mess. And here are some children's playroom design ideas for you for reference.


1. Plan kids bedroom style according to functional areas for better storage

First, plan the functional areas in the children’s room area, that is, our common areas such as sleeping areas, play areas, and learning areas. Of course, each area also has a storage function. So when choosing the kids bedroom style for the child, the storage area can already be planned. The storage area affects the child's future living habits and learning attitude, so it must be planned neatly.

2.How to partition correctly to achieve the desired effect?

First, according to the partition of the bedroom, the inherent bedroom type is divided into different areas. The sleeping area and the playing area are usually separated, and the learning area is usually close to the sleeping area.

(1) Sleeping area

According to the degree of lighting, it is more reasonable to put the sleeping area near the window. The bed should be enough for children to sleep and its bottom can also be used for storage, and a set of cabinets on the wall can be made full use of.

The study area can also take the functions of the play area into account. In addition to the blackboard wall, it also creates a climbing area for children, especially the boys, to exercise, which is one of the best boy bedroom decorating ideas.

A children's room like this is reasonable, and the sleeping area should also consider the storage function. Every available area can be hollowed out to expand the storage area.

(2) Play area

The play area reserved for children should usually be kept wide. If the space is large enough, it can be like this room with a wide and adequate storage area.

Play area

No need to make too many storage tools, two simple cabinets are enough.

Extend the play area and store it on the cabinets, and those small boxes can carry children's innocent dreams. And with this big play area, boys can have their own space for sports, which can be one of the best boy bedroom decorating ideas.

Good storage can not only maximize the use of the children's play area but also everything looks so orderly. In fact, the real storage depends on the child's consciousness. The mess of children's rooms has always been a problem that bothers mothers. When placing storage, it is necessary to consider the safety of the household storage cabinet, whether it is angular, and whether it can effectively store children's objects. Thus, Snimay recommends that mothers use a variety of storage combinations so that there is enough space to store complicated objects and can be clearly classified. Of course, smart mothers will find ways to guide their children to use storage items, clean up their own things, organize their own rooms, and develop good living habits.

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