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Secret Of Decoration, The Saviour Of Small-sized Houses

Secret Of Decoration, The Saviour Of Small-sized Houses

Secret Of Decoration, The Saviour Of Small-sized Houses

The decoration of any house must be based on the full use of space in planning, especially for small-sized houses. If some space is ruined or some blind spots are formed due to improper planning, it will be a big loss. Today, Snimay will tell you how to plan your small-sized houses. Come and learn!

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Large French Windows  

If the small-sized house wants to have large space, it must use the light to help. A large french window is definitely a good helper. A small living room with an oversized french window can make your room spacious and bright, which can expand the space visually, as well as bring you good lighting and cheerful mood at the same time.

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In addition,keep the window as flush as possible with the outer wall in order to leave more indoor space. Windows scattered outwards can expand the indoor space visually. The indoor windowsill can be a decorative table after decoration. You can put some craftworks on the decorative table or grow plants on it, which can add some charm to your bedroom.

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Sliding door partition

The use of hard partition should be well considered in the decoration of small-sized houses , if needed, the sliding door partition can be a choice. Choosing sliding door to create virtual space at the convergence of balcony and living room, the convergence of living room and bedroom, and the convergence of dining room and kitchen. Therefore, the sight will not be separated and the indoor space will look bigger, the lighting will be great too.

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The use of cool colors

When choosing the colour of windows, doors or other soft furniture, we should choose cool colours as far as possible. Cool colors are distracting and retreating, giving people a fresh, cheerful, bright and spacious feeling.It is necessary to prevent the use of too many different styles and colors in the same space, which can easily give people a sense of visual oppression.

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In the selection of curtains, it is necessary to prevent the use of long and pleated floor-to-ceiling curtains, which will only make the room appear congested. The size of the curtains should be the same as the size of the windows, proper and fresh, and the colour should be mainly light.

The use of mirrors

The mirror is widely used in narrow space because of its reflection effect on the reference object, which can enlarge the space on the vision. We need to put the mirror at the appropriate position, such as at the blind or dark corners. It is advisible to arrange the mirror in blocks or strips, and avoid facing two mirrors with the same area and shapes, as that will make people feel uncomfortable.

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Conclusion: in big cities with expensive housing prices, small-sized houses have become people’s first choice. Although small-sized houses have a small space, they can be equipped with large layouts after skillful decoration. Home owners who are preparing to decorat your house, have you got it?

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