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The Design of Cabinets are of Great Importance to Kitchen

The Design of Cabinets are of Great Importance to Kitchen

The Design of Cabinets are of Great Importance to Kitchen

Many people may encounter these situations: When you turn around to take a vegetable basket, only to hit the cabinet unexpectedly. When you want to open the refrigerator to fetch eggs, only to find it is not convenient. And you may feel annoyed when you finally finish cutting the vegetables, there is no place to put the plates! When it comes to cooking, these situations are probably the experiences of many people.

Many of us can't help but sigh this nightmare cabinet life. Cooking can be much more difficult with unconvenient design of cabinets. So what is the perfect cabinet design? Here are some suggestions for cabinet design for you.

1. The moving line should be reasonable

For a well-designed cabinet, first of all, the kitchen moving line must be clear and reasonable. Our kitchen can be divided into I-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped. These types have no strict distinction of good or bad, just choose the one that suits your house structure. Long and thin kitchens are suitable for I-shaped cabinets. U-shaped cabinets can be used for larger and more spacious kitchens, but no matter what the moving line is, it is always the storage area, meal preparation area and cooking area. Divide the kitchen moving line according to the cooking process. Only when everything starts from the users and suits their usage habits and needs of the kitchen can it be used smoothly and smoothly.

The moving line should be reasonable

2. The height should be reasonable

There are several common area heights in the kitchen:

(1) Height of cooking bench:

If you want to stir fry food comfortably, the height of the cooking bench is very particular. Generally speaking, the height of the comfortable cooking bench = your height ÷ 2. But the data is not constant, but should be adjusted according to the actual height when you cook.

The height should be reasonable

(2) Height of kitchen sink:

Generally speaking, the kitchen sink is the area most likely to cause physical problems due to its improper height. The countertop of the sink should be 5~10cm higher than the cooking bench. If the setting is too low, you have to bend over to wash the dishes. After a little longer time, You will definitely feel backache.

height of kitchen sink

(3)Height of wall cabinet:

As for wall cabinet, we are afraid of looking up when picking up items, and tiptoeing is very hard. The height of the wall cabinet suitable for the height of most people should be about 1450~1500mm above the ground. Of course, the newly born modern technology kitchen with the one-click lifting cabinet greatly facilitates the cooking life of short people. Many people wonder that how to hang a single wall cabinet, now please let me introduce the basic steps to install a wall cabinet.

  • Determine the height of the wall cabinet;

  • Match the height of the cabinet;

  • Determine the depth of the wall cabinet;

  • Mark the installation position of the wall cabinet;

  • Fix the wall cabinet with expansion screws

If you have any questions about how to hang a single wall cabinet, you can contact us freely and we will give you a more detailed introduction.

3. Make the most of wall space

Simple metal tools, placed on the wall, can solve the storage problem of small items in the kitchen with very high usage rate. It is also very convenient when you cook. The simple hook setting does not take up wall space and does not make the wall look too messy. It is perfect for organizing small objects.

height of wall cabinet

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