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No Crowded Space: Decorate 6-square-meter Bedroom in This Way

No Crowded Space: Decorate 6-square-meter Bedroom in This Way

No Crowded Space: Decorate 6-square-meter Bedroom in This Way

The bedroom in small family is generally not big. Therefore, how to put the basic bedroom equipment (such as bed, bedside table, wardrobe, desk...) into the narrow space without any uncomfortable and depressive feelings? SNIMAY will teach you tips to the decoration of 6-square-meter bedroom. I hope it is helpful to you.


1. Simplify regional division
The space of 6 square meter is relatively narrow and small. Therefore, during the partition of the bedroom inner design, just do not make things complicated, which may cause the hindrance on the vision and the waste of space otherwise.

2. Wall color
The decoration and lighting of small bedroom of 6 square meters are relatively limited, so choose bright light colors as far as possible on the color of wall. For example, the colors such as buff, white, shallow blue, shallow pink can expand the spatial area on the vision.

3. Increase storage space

The small bedroom has less storage space, so you might as well add some shelves on the wall or try the design of tatami with stronger storage ability. These methods can add a lot of storage space to the bedroom without occupying space.

4. Reasonable use of mirrors

Mirrors can increase the visual sense of space. For example, the mirror can be placed in blind spots or dark corners. A special reminder here is that try not to put the mirrors in pairs, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

5. Furniture size

It is recommended to tailor the furniture in small family to make full use of the space so that the whole layout looks more spacious. If you don't want the bedroom to look crowded, you might as well do some subtractions, such as removing bedside tables, TV cabinets and other furniture, and placing the bed as close to the wall as possible. In this way, the aisle looks more spacious and the bedroom becomes more tidy and clean.


6. Partition

If you want to use partitions for the decoration of a small bedroom of 6 square meters, try to avoid using hard partition materials. If it is necessary to do partition, it is recommended to use glass to do the partition for better light transmission.

7. The priority of lighting is clear

The priority of lighting in the small bedroom should be as clear as possible. Choose a simple ceiling lamp for the main lighting, and a good-looking desk lamp, wall lamp, etc. for the auxiliary lighting.

8. The layout of strong and weak electricity

In the early stage of the decoration of the 6-square-meter bedroom, it is necessary to fully consider all kinds of electricity demand, so as to avoid the later layout changes, resulting in the trouble of insufficient interfaces.

The decoration of the small bedroom of 6 square meters has been well introduced here. The area of 6 square meters is indeed relatively small, and the decoration is limited by many constraints. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to decorate in advance, and master some small bedroom decoration skills and methods of soft outfit. This will make the small bedroom more beautiful and spacious.

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