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Xin Fumin, Chairman Of Snimay: Smart Home Cannot Be Promoted Blindly, Priority Should Be Given To Consumer Experience

Xin Fumin, Chairman Of Snimay: Smart Home Cannot Be Promoted Blindly, Priority Should Be Given To Consumer Experience

Xin Fumin, Chairman Of Snimay: Smart Home Cannot Be Promoted Blindly, Priority Should Be Given To Consumer Experience

Snimay’s Chairman Xin Fumin: Smart home cannot be promoted too fast, priority should be given to consumer experience

In 2019, the home building materials industry faced with major opportunities for development. With the technical blessings of intelligent technology, the humane care of soul design, and the continuous development of the 100 billion market, home furnishing companies are standing at new opportunities and starting to look forward to a more distant future.

With 20 years of brilliant achievements, Guangzhou Construction Expo has developed into the largest and most complete architectural decoration exhibition in Asia and the world, not only "professional" and "focus", but also "comprehensive" and "complete" in the industry.It has a significant influence in the industry. We are looking for the most professional and senior views at the site of the construction expo, and we are fortunate to invite Mr. Xin Fumin to jointly explore and think about the value of the brand and the development direction of the industry.

Snimay’s Chairman Xin Fumin


[Q]: At present, home appliance companies cooperate frequently, and the field of smart home is highly concerned. We found that a smart home theme pavilion also added in Construction Expo this year. How do you view the future development of home intelligence?

[Snimay Xin Fumin]: Personally, I think that smart homes cannot be "promoted" and cannot be smart for intelligence. Products are used by people, and the development of intelligence must exist to solve more practical problems and meet the needs of consumers. The use of smart home products is to make consumers more convenient and comfortable, rather than redundant and just add a APP tool.


[Q]: In the era of fine decoration, traditional home furnishings have been replaced by engineering, and consumer demand for baggage and accommodation is becoming more and more common. In 2019, the whole furnishings are gaining momentum. How do you view the trend of assembly? Does your company have any further exploration in assembly?

[Snimay Xin Fumin]: In 2018, Snimay has laid out AI finishing, opened a smart finishing experience hall, continue to advance in exploration in the field of finishing, trial and error correction in research and development.

The main trend of assembly will not change, it just needs a revolution. The current decoration market shows that the past decoration mode is not suitable for future development. The new decoration mode should go to the front desk. In the future, custom home furnishing companies are likely to become the main theme of home improvement.


[Q]: For products, design is where the soul lies. Good design can not only show the advantages of the product, but also show the power of the brand. What do you think of the impact of design on products? Does your company have any further plans on the designer channel in the future?

[Snimay Xin Fumin]: It can be said that there has been a design since the day of Snimay exsits.

With the development of technology, design has also evolved simultaneously. Almost all of Snimay's consumers now present virtual reality models. The current technical ability can even exceed the expectations of consumers, and it can bring him surprises beyond expectations , break through his imagination space, and improve his cognitive view to a greater extent.

Design is an eternal theme that runs through the entire process of Snimay's development. Snimay has invested a lot of time, energy and money in design. Such as in-depth cooperation with Kujiale and the self-developed sharing home design and sharing platform. At present, the requirements have been fully realized. The next step is to realize the integration of design and drawing, intelligent production to delivery, and form a systematic information system that runs through the front and back of the enterprise, empowering the company's overall service capabilities.


[Q]: It is understood that the green, circular and low-carbon development and improved the use and regeneration of resources are furthered in the exhibition, and strongly advocated the concept of "green exhibition". The environmental protection has always been an important sector in the home industry. What are your company's deployments in environmental protection? How do you view the environmental protection requirements of the home industry?

[Snimay Xin Fumin]: Snimay's investment in environmental protection has always been uninterrupted. Snimay maintains a close ten-year cooperative relationship with Wanhua Hexiang Board, actively promotes the "Healthy Home Health Upgrade" strategy, and at the same time increases support for dealers, giving more room for concessions. For Snimay, environmental protection is not a tool for propaganda, but an base that must be adhered to.

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