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Demonstrating The Power Of China'S Custom Home Brand

Demonstrating The Power Of China'S Custom Home Brand

Demonstrating The Power Of China'S Custom Home Brand

Demonstrating the power of China's custom home brand, Snimay showed up for the first time at the World Ecological design Conference gorgeously !

On December 5 to 7, 2019, the second World Ecological Design Conference, co-sponsored by the China Industrial Design Association and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, was held at the permanent meeting place in Conghua Ecological Design Town!

The theme of the conference is "Innovative Design, Customized Dreams". More than 1,000 people from global design organizations, universities, and representatives of well-known companies attended the conference, including leaders of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, leaders of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, and Guangdong Province. With the leaders of Guangzhou, and more than a hundred well-known domestic and foreign media, including the BBC and China Central Television, gathered in Guangzhou Conghua to promote the ecological industry with the power of design!


On December 6, the opening ceremony of the Second World Ecological Design Conference was held as scheduled. The world's first "custom capital" and the results of the Innovation Design Award (ID Award) were announced in the opening ceremony.

Guangzhou city was officially awarded the honorary title of "Global Customization Capital" by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the mayor of Guangzhou received the award personally. Marking that the Guangzhou custom home furnishing industry, as a representative of advanced intelligent manufacturing industry, has been highly concerned and recognized by the United Nations organizations and governments!

The Opening Ceremony Of The Second World Ecological Design Conferences

The Opening Ceremony Of The Second World Ecological Design Conferences

Guangzhou was awarded the title of "Global Customization Capital"

Mayor Wen Guohui (second from right) receives award

Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Li Yong (third from right) offers awards

As the core advocacy institution of a "Global Customization Capital”, Snimay was invited to participate in the custom industry exhibition of the conference. The three major themes of "green ecological customization, integration of design and production, and the eight spaces of the whole house" demonstrated environmental protection, technology, and product  comprehensive strength.

On the morning of the 6th, the Deputy Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor led a delegation of VIPs from the United Nations, Bangladesh, and Thailand to visit the exhibition. The general manager of Snimay president office Hu Jingtao led the team to welcome. The Snimay theme pavilion attracted the attention of the delegation with its unique design display.

The Deputy Secretary Of The Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee And The Mayor Led A Delegation Of VIPs

Home Health Upgrade

Leading the era of green quality customization

Environmental protection is the bottom line that Snimay has always adhered to. At the beginning of the brand's establishment in 2003, Snimay put forward the concept of "environmental protection" and dared to be the first to take the initiative to take up the banner of environmental protection. As early as 2011, Snimay and Wanhua Board reached a strategic partnership, and adopted the industry's first "National Science and Technology Progress Award" and passed the "EPA-NAF US Environmental Protection Agency formaldehyde-free exemption certification". Formaldehyde added Hexiang board provides customers with healthy and safe home products and services.

 In 2018, Snimay launched the strategy of “an home with safe formaldehyde and environmental protection upgrade”, caring for four types of families: the elderly, children, pregnant women, newlyweds, and creating a healthy, comfortable, natural and environmentally-friendly indoor home environment for customers, satisfying Chinese families High-grade healthy home life!

An Home With Safe Formaldehyde And Environmental Protection Upgrade

In the exhibition hall, from the selection of materials to the mystery of formaldehyde-free addition, from German Industry 4.0 equipment to imported finishes, ABS high environmental protection edge banding, from China, the United States, and Japan's quality certification to the expression of love with environmentally friendly home. The orientation presents the advantages of the MORE LOVE series of environmentally friendly products, and has been praised by all the VIPs who have visited the exhibition!

Industry 4.0 Design And Production Integrations

Industry 4.0 Design And Production Integrations

Industry 4.0 design and production integration

Provide intelligent support for quality customization

In addition to providing customers with a healthy quality of life, Snimay continues to make efforts in the direction of corporate intelligence. Actively responding to the national industrial intelligent manufacturing upgrade strategy, currently deploying nearly 1,000 acres of intelligent production bases in Panyu, Guangzhou and Jingmen, Hubei, introducing the Halma production line in Germany to achieve highly flexible personalized and digital production, and promoting "Internet + intelligent manufacturing", being regarded as "Guangdong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise".

National Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Strategy

Based on the exploration of digital technology, Snimay takes design as the entrance and is driven by technological innovation to efficiently link the front-end design with the back-end to achieve the full line from design drawing, quick quotation, one-click order, intelligent production to delivery. get through. In the theme pavilion, Snimay fully presented the integration of design, order and production, which brought the most intuitive experience of intelligent manufacturing to the VIP guests and attendees, and fully demonstrated the power of Snimay's intelligence strength!

Whole House Custom Eight Space Systems

Whole house custom eight space system

Presenting healthy quality happy home

Only by sticking to environmental protection and technical force can we present our customers with perfect health and happiness. Snimay takes the user as the center and innovatively introduces the principle of full-scale space customization. It divides the whole house into 8 living space systems including home, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, children's room, multifunctional room and balcony. Infiltrate distinct design style and unique color aesthetics into home life, and actively explore the field of intelligence, give smart life to the home, and strive to present Chinese people with high-value, space-saving, high-efficiency, understanding of storage, high intelligence, environmentally friendly perfect home!

Whole House Custom Eight Space Systems

Based on the principle of ecological environment protection, driven by technological innovation and the mission of providing quality and happy homes, Snimay showed up stunningly at this World Eco design Conference for the first time, and won the praise of guests from all countries, government leaders, leaders of industry associations and visitors!

The Ecological Conference Is Still Going On

The ecological conference is still going on. We look forward to the continuous development of home ecology and design charm, show the world the strength of China's custom home to the world, and show the power of China's custom home brand! At the same time, Snimay will also work with other brands in the industry to continue to build a strong competitiveness for Guangzhou, the "Global Customization Capital", and jointly push China's custom home furnishing industry to the world stage!

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