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What Are the Interior Design Styles in 2021 and What Are Their Distinctive Features?

What Are the Interior Design Styles in 2021 and What Are Their Distinctive Features?

What Are the Interior Design Styles in 2021 and What Are Their Distinctive Features?

The diversity of interior decoration design styles reflects different home hobbies and design tastes to a certain extent, as well as people's cultural self-restraint, temperament types and ways of thinking. So Snimay will give you a brief introduction to various decoration styles.


What are the interior design and decoration styles?

Different trends of thought and regional characteristics have gradually developed into representative interior design forms through creative conception and expression, which is the formation of interior design style. A typical style usually needs not only to be closely related to local factors and natural conditions, but also to have the characteristics of conception and modeling in creation, so as to form the external and internal factors of style. Although style is expressed in form, it has profound connotations such as art, culture and social development.

The styles of modern house bedroom interior designs and decoration can be divided into modern minimalist style, traditional style, European style, classical style, Mediterranean style, post-modern style, Southeast Asian style, American country style, Japanese style, Fashion Mix & Match style, simple style, exquisite style, natural style, brisk style, soft style, elegant style, urban style, fresh style, Chinese style, bleak pastoral style and so on.


Key points of interior design and decoration

Interior decoration design is a comprehensive technology, including many aspects of knowledge and technology. A good design also comes from a good interior decoration design. Interior decoration design includes space image design, interior physical environment design, space image design and interior display art design. Therefore, a good interior decoration design should meet these four requirements.

1. Interior decoration design should meet the use requirements. Home decoration needs people-oriented. Do not put the cart before the horse.

2. Interior decoration design should conform to economic strength. The economic strength of each family is different. The purpose of decoration is to make people feel comfortable and convenient. The standard needs to be measured accordingly.

3. The interior decoration design should be reasonable. Reasonable arrangement can satisfy people's physiological and aesthetic requirements and make people feel comfortable physically and mentally.

4. The interior decoration design should have proper artistic embellishment. A home without artistic decoration is not a home with successful design.

For Mediterranean style or post-modern style, color matching and furniture matching are common. Secondly, the decoration design of the house is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. Style is the interaction of various arts and design elements.

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