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Shared by the Experts in the Field of Home Decoration | Good Design Brightens Life

Shared by the Experts in the Field of Home Decoration | Good Design Brightens Life

Shared by the Experts in the Field of Home Decoration | Good Design Brightens Life

A young and beautiful life is like a butterfly flapping its wings in the sun. It is simple, light, and comfortable without being constrained by complexity and heaviness. Taking into account the different living habits and living scenes of the occupants, the design should pay attention to the emotional communication with people. The home is first the owner's own temperament, and then the designer's icing on the cake. Good design finally makes life shine.


1. The hallway

❶ The hallway is equipped with sensor lights, which will automatically light up when you go home, so you don't need to turn on the lights in the dark.

❷ Keep 10 to 20cm below the shoe cabinet vacant. Shoes that are often worn are just packed into the space under the shoe cabinet and will not be piled up in a mess.

❸ Shoe-changing stools must be indispensable, especially if there are elderly and children at home.

❹ The shoes are put in the cabinet without ventilation. For fear of the smell, you can change the cabinet door into a shutter door, or you can brush your shoes frequently or put a bottle of aromatherapy to cover it.

❺ Install a socket beside the shoe cabinet to dry the shoes.

2. Dining Hall

❶ The location of the dinning hall must be close to the kitchen.

❷ Remember to reserve sockets on the sideboards, serving for electric rice cookers, electric kettles, coffee machines, etc.

❸ The design of deck can be adopted if the dining hall is small, which saves space and can increase storage. Pay attention to the position when installing the chandelier, which should be in the middle of the dining table.

❹ The lower the chandelier, the better the dining atmosphere. Teacher Lu Wei mentioned in the "Container at Home"that the height of chandelier is 65cm away from the tabletop. We think 70 to 90cm is also adoptable.

❺ The color temperature determines the warmth of the dining hall. It is recommended to use a color temperature of about 3000k.

3. living room

❶ When installing a wall-mounted TV, remember to tell the water and electricity worker in advance to bury the pipe for threading.

❷ If the size of the living room is normal, latex paint or wallpaper is recommended for the TV background wall. Because the whole wall cabinet will make the whole atmosphere depressing, and the gypsum line or wall panel decoration will accumulate dust.

❸ When buying furniture in the living room, pay special attention to the size. If the furniture is too large, it will be very crowded.

❹ Reserve sockets on both sides of the sofa to charge the mobile phone; The sockets on the TV background wall must be reserved enough, serving for TV, set-top box, audio, router, etc. If the socket is not enough, you can only pull the power strip in the later stage.

❺ Don't have too many spotlights. They look beautiful, but they are rarely turned on. If you are not a diligent person, install less open cabinets in the living room.

4. The size of moving line

❶ The cabinet in the hallway usually has a depth of 300 to 400mm, and people need 600 to 800mm space for squatting, and the passage of hallway must be more than 1.2 meters to fit the shoe cabinet. If it is less than 1.2 meters, you can use a clothes hook, clothes rail, or ultra-thin shoe cabinet.

❷ The standard size of walkway: 600mm for one person walking, 900 to 1200mm for two people. That is to say, the passage between furniture and furniture should be above 600mm.

❸ 300 to 400mm from sofa to coffee table, 2500mm from sofa to TV.

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