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Whole House Design Guide

Whole House Design Guide

Whole House Design Guide

If you’re going to the expense of a significant home improvement or house building project, then you are going to want to consider incorporating some clever house design ideas to create a sense of wow factor. But which home design ideas offer the biggest reward?

At the design stage, think about whether you are looking for house design ideas to add architectural interest, to transform how you live in and interact with your home, or a combination of the two.

A whole house design guide is essentially a detailed proposal of what your dream house looks like and, consequently, what must be changed in your current house to achieve it. It’s different from a blueprint in the sense that it’s more personal and more preference-based. Depending on the design-build company that provides it, a whole house guide can be divided into several sections based priorities, goals, preferred style, etc.


1. It Makes the Whole House Design Process Less Complicated

Home remodeling can be a pretty extensive process.

Having a whole house design guide helps keep everything organized, simple, and straightforward. As mentioned earlier, it’s a way to take note of every change you want to make to every room, hallway, and floor of your existing house. This ensures you’re not overwhelmed with trying to remember every little detail.


2. It Helps You Identify Your Priorities and Preferences

An important aspect of the whole house design guide is the Priority List. By listing down which rooms you absolutely must change and which ones aren’t so dire, you’re able to better allot your time and resources.


3. It assures That Both Fashion and Function Will Not Be Compromised

Most design-build companies and contractors will work with you on your whole house design guide. Your answers will tell them the role each space of your home plays in your life, and how they consequently fulfill—or fall short of—your needs. Once they understand what you want to achieve, they can give you professional advice regarding the best options for each and every space. Their experience and expertise in this particular industry means they know which energy-efficient windows are within your budget, which type of air conditioning unit will complement your living room the best, and which area rugs are easy to clean and match your aesthetic.


4. It Helps You Draw a Realistic, Sustainable Budget

Having a whole house design guide can help you and your design build company create a budget that is realistic, sustainable, and won’t compromise your priorities.


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