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A Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet

A Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet

A Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet

There is nothing more exciting than that moment when you can choose your kitchen design during a renovation.It can be tricky to decide where to start and seriously think about what you need to do. So follow Snimay expert guide on how to choose your own design within budget to create the perfect kitchen for your home.


So, what are the different cabinetry elements that matter?

-Style – traditional, modern or luxury .

-Finish – matte, gloss, mirror finish or 2-pack poly paint

-Colour – classic white, pastels, tuxedo or something more colourful

-Types of cabinetry. Drawers, cupboards, pull-out pantry, display cabinets, wine racks and open shelving are some options. Kitchens have a combination of these, each serves a purpose.

-Accessories like handles and drawer systems. Should you have push to open or overhang? Or those beautiful claw-shaped brushed steel handles you’ve always loved?


Snimay suggests the following for your kitchen cabinet design:

-Keep the classic “kitchen work triangle” in mind when designing your kitchen. The stove/oven, sink and refrigerator all need to be in a functional work space. You’ll feel more comfortable cooking in the kitchen when all of your appliances are within easy reach.

-Paths within the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide for a one cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a kitchen with two cooks.

-To make cabinet doors fully functional, plan enough space for the door’s clearance in your kitchen design.

-Allow for counter space. About 15 inches on either side of a cook top and refrigerator gives ample work space.

-Tiling a backsplash adds color, texture and personality to a kitchen.

-When remodeling, add enough power sources for relocated or new appliances.

-Plan for storage. Do you have enough storage for things other than dishes, glasses, pots or pans?

Complement your kitchen style with unique cabinet knobs and pulls.


There are so many 100s of ways to use kitchen cabinets in your home, whether they’re serving practical purposes, storage purposes, aesthetic purposes, or a combination of them all. And before you make a sizable investment you might be curious about how often cabinets last or need to be replaced, the answer could surprise you. What will also flabbergast you are the various designs of kitchen cabinets from SNIMAY. We are sure that you will find  European cabinet designs, modern kitchen cabinet designs, traditional Chinese kitchen cabinets or other cabinet designs that you love here in SNIMAY.


Ultimately, your cabinets should speak to the larger design of your kitchen while maximizing the efficiency and comfort you feel when making home-cooked meals for you and your family.


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