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Custom Furniture Counts for the New House Decoration Success

Custom Furniture Counts for the New House Decoration Success

Custom Furniture Counts for the New House Decoration Success

What delights people most during new house decoration is to select and purchase furniture, while this is also the most worrying thing since the budget is limited so that it’s difficult to decide what to buy. Snimay has listed 6 pieces of necessary furniture in a new house for you, each of which can strengthen the sense of comfortable living. Let’s have a look:

Wardrobe in bedroom

Since the wardrobe is a “jumbo fellow” in the bedroom, it’s style, layout and other designs will influence the air of the whole bedroom and the living experience later. Therefore, a custom wardrobe that has large storage for owner to shop freely and is also fashionable and beautiful is necessary.wardrobe-in-bedroom.png

TV cabinet in the living room

Sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, and storing cabinet are the most common furniture in a living room, however, custom TV cabinet draws the most attention. A successful custom TV cabinet can not only display the life taste of the house owner, but also store the little stuff to keep the whole living room tidy and

Tatami in study room

The final aim of setting a custom tatami in study room is to create a multi-functoin room. If there is a tatami, the study room can serve as a secondary bedroom for guests to put up for the night occasionally.

You can also choose to custom tatami with lift table so that the study room can change into a temporary meeting room. For a small-sized house, the tatami can help form a multi-function room.

Sideboard cabinet

The dining environment would influence the appetite of the family, so a beautiful and practical custom sideboard cabinet used for storing bowls or putting decorations to keep the cleanness of the dining zone. Besides, a sideboard cabinet can show a much more elegant manner when treating friends.

Entrance hall cabinet

The entrance hall is called “the face of the house”, so it deserves your consideration. To customize an entrance hall cabinet, you can release your hands as soon as you enter your home, wipe away the tiredness, and face your family members with relaxing condition.

Balcony storage cabinet

Balcony storage cabinet normally includes a storage cabinet, a wash basin, and a washing machine cabinet. This area can commonly realize the clothes washing and drying, which can not only release a relative space in the bathroom, but also facilitate your life.

All above are the 6 pieces of popular necessary custom furniture in a new house, and there are more necessary custom furniture are waiting for you.

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