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Romance Of Snimay Kitchen Cabinets

Romance Of Snimay Kitchen Cabinets

Romance Of Snimay Kitchen Cabinets

For girls, life is not only about daily necessities,but also high-quality style. Exquisite life comes not only from beautiful clothes, but also from the little details in life. For example, a cozy house, an exquisite kitchen can make you full of vitality every day. Does Snimay understand girl’s romance? Does it look good? Today, we have prepared a lot of girly kitchen cabinets for you.

Nordic style-Elegance

Take the burlywood with natural texture as the base tone, with the simple door panel shape and wall cupboard glass window printed with natural texture, making the open kitchen full of practicality and natural comfort reveal the charm of the Nordic style, which satisfies the girl's imagination of kitchen.

nordic style elegance

When you go home from work or take a break on the weekend, you can make delicate food on the small bar and enjoy a relaxing time with a glass of red wine. Or make an appointment with your girlfriends on the weekends, sit in the Nordic-style leisure chair,talking deep into the night.


The collision of light pink and deep blue shows dynamic vitality and exquisite fashion under the background of lighting. The white open cabinet is simple and easy to use.However,some people prefer it while others dislike it.Here are pros and cons of white kitchen cabinet.People who like white kitchen cabinets think that white represents minimalism,which makes everything look simple and clean and makes people feel at ease.On the contrary,white can be easy to get dirty and hard to clean.

minimalism mocasso

The wood-colored bar counter forms a unique leisure area between the kitchen and the living room with a wider view. When you are free,you can sit on the high chair at the bar counter, choose your favorite book,make a pot of tea, and slowly enjoy this peaceful time.

Neoclassicism - Butterfly loves flower

Life is more than a temporary struggle, but also poetry and home!Butterfly loves flower combines the soul of Chinese poetry and home design cleverly, making romantic poetry fit in life.

neoclassicism butterfly loves flower

Elegant white with black aluminum edges and unique texture make the kitchen full of poetry.Just a glance, the cultural heritage and cultural qualities of the hostess have been fully displayed in the kitchen.

The wall cabinet adopts the cloud type layout,which shows the sense of design, so that the kitchen life is no longer boring. Whether the texture of the door panel or the spatial layout, every tiny thing attracts people a lot.

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