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Luxury Wardrobe Design

Luxury Wardrobe Design

Luxury Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes are an essential element of any bedroom’s storage. However, just because they are practical does not mean they have to be boring; in fact, they can become the main feature in a room. From mirrored sliding doors to vintage armoires and walk-in closets, wardrobes offer more than a place to hang your clothes and store bed linen.


Color and material used for wardrobes

Another essential aspect of wardrobe interior designs is the material and colour of the wardrobe. While they add a ton of vibrancy to space, well-styled luxury wardrobes can help elevate the ambience of a simple room. You may opt for contrasting colours with a contemporary design to create a striking impression, or you could even go for options that match other components in the room. Popular choices for wardrobes, in general, comprise of solid wood, laminates, veneers, particle boards, and much more. While laminates offer a wide range of colour options to choose from, solid wood is habitually preferred by most in order to incorporate a woody element in a certain space.


Solutions and systems for luxury wardrobe design

In the planning of a luxury wardrobe both practicality and design have the same importance, because it has to be configured according to specified requirements.

The Storage collection designed by Snimay responds precisely to these characteristics of customization of the product. Starting from the standard module, which corresponds to the height and width of the wardrobe, the internal accessories of the cabinet allow for countless compositions. You can find a variety of luxury wardrobes for sale in Snimay, such as luxury built in wardrobes, luxury sliding wardrobes, luxury walk in wardrobes and luxury fitted wardrobes. We also welcome all customization requirements.


Drawers and pull-out compartments to compose the wardrobe

What makes design cabinets really functional is the internal equipment, which helps rationalize space.

Walk-in wardrobes: accessories for interior organisation

As for wardrobes, luxury walk in closet accessories are essential

Interior lighting systems for luxury wardrobes

The scenic effect and practicality of a wardrobe are also increased by the interior lighting, which a luxury wardrobe design almost always provides.

Every wardrobe is thoughtfully tailored and the wardrobe interior designs are structured to reflect the lifestyle and storage requirements of the user.


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