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Orange+Black: Boldly Contrast Color to Create Elegant Modern Style Home Design

Orange+Black: Boldly Contrast Color to Create Elegant Modern Style Home Design

Orange+Black: Boldly Contrast Color to Create Elegant Modern Style Home Design

Pearl white and night black are colder color, and when used in modern style home design they often present simple or clean styles.


The scheme uses contrast colors of pearl white + extreme night black + flame orange, and the combination of the length of the door handle is embedded. With bold colors and smooth lines, it can create a brand new modern style that is elegant yet warm, high-end and unconventional.

01. Entrance space


When entering the house, the blazing orange and pearl white are interlaced, and the warm texture of home is oncoming. The L-shaped cabinet layout and the combination of multiple cabinets make the storage space not wasted; the built-in coat hanger and shoe changing stool make it easy and elegant to change shoes and clothes when going out and going home.

02. Living room space

客厅1.png客厅2.pngThe hanging combination cabinet of TV wall cabinet, large-area flame orange wall color and open lattice and k-1 frame glass display cabinet are designed in a staggered way, and the hue and texture complement each other wonderfully.


客厅下2.pngPearl White magnificent board parapet with a touch of flame orange. In the soft decoration space with warm tone, light and shadow overlap and high light flicker. The whole living room is elegant and high-grade without losing warmth.

03. Balcony space


The balcony design function is divided into orderly cabinets to perfectly meet the needs of household storage; In addition, a leisure area is added from where you can look into the distance and have a rest after work.

04. Restaurant space




The platform is integrated with the dining table, and the sideboard displays the favorite wine and tableware. Western style convenience and romance are full of atmosphere.

05. Kitchen space


The U-shaped kitchen operation moving line makes the kitchen work efficient and easy; The multi combination cabinet is matched with the bright flame orange to increase the storage and aesthetic feeling. Cooking can also be with a great atmosphere.

06. Master bedroom




Modern style bedroom design top door + k-1 frame glass cabinet embedded with long and short handles. Minimalist lines make vision and function win-win; Desk and corner open grid are embedded beside the bedside to avoid wasting any space.

07. Guest bedroom space



Corner desk and tatami bed design make one room multifunctional. Storage, study and guest bedroom are included.

08. Children's room space


The background wall full of stars and the combination of extended desk, ceiling cabinet and open grid at the head of the bed give children a learning space for their imagination.

09. Study space


The flaming orange open grid and pearl white door cabinet as the background with the jump of color and line under the irradiation of the lamp belt, the pristine study space can also appear particularly elegant.

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