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EDINBURGH Sliding Door
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Product Detail

Sliding patio doors are the best way to compliment a well -designed patio. Snimay sliding doors provide space for limitless customization, added security and a corrosion - free entrance from the patio. The doors are lightweight and easy to install and require minimal maintenance, in addition to being budget friendly and energy effcient.

Model NumberEDINBURGH-SN-M14106
Aluminum profile
  1. Material: Aluminum alloy

  2. Thickness: 1.4mm

  3. Surface treatment: Powder coating, anodizing

  4. Color: White, grey, champagne, gold, wood grain

  1. Type: Single, double, triple, tempered glass, low-e

  2. Color: Cleanr, green, blue, frosted, feflective, low-e glass

  3. Thickness: 4-12mm

  1. United States brand - CMECH

  2. Chinese top brand

Parking waysProtectitive film, bubble inserted, hard enough cartons, then wood pallet if needed,or any otherways as requested.
Product Feature
  1. excellent waterproof, heat insulation, sound insulation

  2. the strength value of wind resistance is large, suitable for high building.

  3. double / three track frame structure available for your selection, frame and door leaf all have special drain tank design

EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
Glass Series
Glass Series

high quality glass series to choose , single glass , low-e glass , hollow glass , laminated glass , frosted glass , coating glass , ect.

EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
EDINBURGH Sliding Door
Select Hardware

Snimay doors and Windows hardware accessories are mostly from the United States brand CMECH, tailored for its.The hardware fittings of high quality, the integral use that lets door window can stand us more "toss about".

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